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The war against ageing

But why war? Age is a gift that many are not privileged to receive. Wrinkles bring character to the face – they can reveal whether you have been happy, or worried. There are laughter lines and crinkles near the eyes that show you have loved it all.

So, if I am supposed to be selling the Age War to you, why am I writing this?

Because I believe it is silly to be obsessed with age and to keep trying to fight it. With Vishwaa, I would like you to embrace it, feel happy with age as a friend, and walk that path with grace and elan.

Age is wisdom. Why would anyone want to hide it? It may sound great to have a wrinkle-free face at 50, but does it also shows the lack of meaningful experiences? Interpret it as you wish, take a mental tour, and relate it to people you know. You’ll see what I mean.

At Vishwaa, while we understand that the fight with age is futile, we stand by you to make it graceful. We stand by young people who want to make sure it is a slow and steady walk for them. Our range of organic skincare and hair care products is meant exactly for that. But more importantly, we love helping folks get those ‘feel-good' feelings. We help in hiding the bitterness folds but not the laughter lines. We help with age-related pigmentation. We help to make your skin feel nourished and supple and good to touch.

It is our belief that happiness is the best anti-ageing tool, and our mission is to make you happy. It is equally important that your mood reflects this and is in sync. Our organic essential oils work at lowering your cortisone levels – this is how we slow your ageing process. Low cortisone means less stress and better sleep. Join the dots. Explore our range of mood mists – there is something for everyone. Or ask us to make a mist for you; tell us your intended outcome and perhaps we can give you a customized mist.

Talk soon and may age be your friend!


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