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The magic of paracress

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Normally used as a traditional spice in Madagascar, the Acmella Oleracea plant or Paracress, and ‘Brède mafane” in Madagascar, also commonly known as Buzz Buttons is a small plant with yellow button like flowers. Buzz buttons? When added as a spice to drinks, it has a numbing effect, hence the name.

This fact is what drew the attention of a team of French researchers, and they found that an extract from this plant exerts a powerful relaxing effect on epidermal muscles, and visibly smoothed crow’s feet after just one day! Further, this helped in treating the bar code wrinkles and helped define lip contour, and continued to act on these fine wrinkles long term.

As we age, we notice our body skin also changing appearance. This is especially noticed around the neck, and décolleté, the region just below the neck and collarbones. There is a marked change in the skin, a lack of firmness and skin tones, and wrinkles appear. It is a natural aging process however it still makes you wonder – I have been using a moisturiser always, then why?

Obviously, it is not enough to just moisturise. Our organic skincare body lotions, rich body creams, and facial emulsions all have the magic of buzz buttons to make sure this change is reversible. Our products will help provide support to the collagen fiber network and restore the firmness of the skin.

Paracress or the Acmella Oleracea plant is also non-GMO, it is natural, safe, and grown in a protected environment. Only the upper buds are harvested so that the plant can be used for other applications by the people who have grown them.

We use Paracress Extract for our organic skincare products such as the LIGHT FACIAL MOISTURISERS, ULTRA RICH BODY MILKS, and INTENSIVE BODY CREAMS.

We hope you discover and make the most of the magic of Paracress!

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