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Outcome oriented formulations

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

These days there is an immense awareness of the Self, and so skincare becomes an integral part of our daily hygiene regimes. But there are so many products to choose from that it gets confusing for the consumer, making a daily regime cumbersome and expensive, not just in financial terms but also time – the most expensive resource today. The big question is – What to use to get exactly what I want? Is there one product that promises precisely all the three needs my skin has?

We researched. And tried to get down to the bottom of things. When I look at the Aloe Vera in my garden or the lemon trees, I realize we don’t really do much to protect them from sun exposure. As long as they are cool and hydrated from the roots and get a nightly ‘no sun’ rest, they are up and ready for the next 12 hours of harsh weather.

The Moroccans don’t just epitomize Argan oil for its exotic nature. Argan oil is not exotic in Africa anyway. All over Africa, curly kinky hair is cared for by many drops of pure and local argan oil. I have heard some say that oil on a hair strand will fry it to a crisp in 48 degrees of sun. And it’s true too. So how do the folks in Africa get away with it?

The answer is that Argan oil penetrates the epidermis extremely well. Only Argan. In my experience, this works best when Argan oil is used immediately after a shower. Hair or skin, pure, undiluted, neat Argan oil is the best hair and body conditioner, for dry skin, frizzy hair, or scaly itchy scalps. So all our hair products have cold pressed Argan oil.

The most common issues that needed solving were acne, pigmentation, wrinkles, dry body skin, and dark circles under the eyes. There were also quite a few people who were ok with age but wanted to walk into those years gracefully. Not many wanted to get unnaturally fair but wanted their skins to have a healthy complexion.

Then we searched for scientifically researched ingredients. Just being used traditionally in lore, but those that were also tested with data using scientific methods. While we have immense respect for sciences like Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, we wanted stronger evidence that worked our products would work without question, with no failure. And so we are proud to claim an outcome, we know you will get what you have been looking for. No more trying this and that to see what works.

So, at Vishwaa we focus on healthy clean skin. Our organic skincare and haircare formulations are not just a work of art; they deliver as promised. Every facial moisture WILL tackle skin health and glow, and anti-ageing to a natural level, but the SKIN PERFECTING EMULSION will fix acne problems, the ANTI-AGEING EMULSION will fix age-related pigmentation, apart from wrinkles and the eye gel with European Ash Bark will get rid of dark under eye circles.

All emollient products WILL improve muscle tone and structure, fix body wrinkles, and will keep your skin hydrated till you wash off during showers. The secret lies in our choice of oils and actives that really enter your skin, not lubricate the clothes you wear.

Our range of organic oil-free facial sprays is unique in itself. Just spray thrice on the face, use it twice daily, and you have skin that is hydrated, nourished by the various fruit and vegetable concentrates, and also oil-free. The oil that will be found on the skin will be a natural defense mechanism for your own skin. We think that is amazing, by the way.

As this is our first blog article, we welcome you to a new all-organic, all-natural VISHWAA. Explore, and discover what will really work for you. We are confident you will enjoy it here.

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