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Skincare for the Indian climate

Whatever your skin type, or wherever in the world you live, the ONLY regime one should follow is CLEAN-TONE-MOISTURISE. Keep it simple. What would really matter is what goes in. There are a lot of exotic raw materials that can be put – but do you really need them? A facial cleanser is not a high-end washing machine with twenty-two programs loaded (When you really use just three). Most of the time what you need and what you get are different things.

For the various climate variants in India, simple is best. Soap is naturally anti-bacterial, whether advertised or not, and using it more than twice daily may be doing you more harm than good. Spritz your face with clean water, and if you need a bit of pampering, get one of our toners which are pure hydrosols. They are truly uplifting.

The last step is moisturization. Now, this depends on many factors, and your external environment is as important as your skin type. For example, people living on tropical coasts should already have good, hydrated skins. As it is sweaty and hot, they might want a frequent-use cleanser that could be non-soapy. And people living up north should use a ‘once a day’ good traditional soap. Preferably at night. And for moisturizers – we have a range of organic oil-free moisturizers for humid regions, and for colder drier climes we advise a layered approach.

The biggest asset Indian skin has is natural sun protection. Indians tan, get darker when they are in the sun, very easily, and de-tan not as easily. Also, our skin exfoliates naturally, a bit more efficiently than other types. Did you know India has the lowest, almost negligible incidence of skin cancers caused by sun exposure? Don’t thank SPF creams yet, you already have an in-built SPF system – your melanocytes. However, you still have to care for the exposed areas, so some of our organic skincare and hair care products use the extract of the Chayote fruit which is a natural protector from harsh sunlight but NOT a sunscreen. We have already started using it for all moisturizers, so your skin feels protected.

Please feel free to write to us, and we will try our best to assist you with your queries on your personalized skincare routines. Most of the time, we will try to simplify them for you. Simple is always the best.

Happy skin to you all!

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